Management and Conservation of Waterbodies

The objective of this schemeĀ  is to improve the water quality of the rivers, which are the major fresh water sources in the state, through the implementation of pollution abatement schemes.

Current status of urban water bodies :

    • 1. Facing various degrees of environmental degradation due to encroachments, eutrophication & siltation.
    • 2. Increasing population in urban areas is targeting the water bodies as sinks for contamination.
    • 3. Anthropogenic pressures like infrastructure development, housing & encroachments of river beds coupled with public effluent sources are the prime factors for degradation of urban water bodies.
    • 4. Biodiversity is threatened ; flood absorption capacity completely lost.
    • 5. Prolific growth of water hyacinth in urban water bodies have resulted in breeding of disease
























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