Information Technology

Information technology is the use of computers and software to manage information, specializing in software development, computer networks and web development. The information technology is responsible for storing information, protecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information as necessary.


With this scheme IT, we could be able to critically analyse problems in various environmental sectors  and develop innovative solutions. Through major projects we can gain practical experience using IT applications and become professional in developing IT as an enabling technology. The terms "data" and "information" are not synonymous. Anything stored is data, but it only becomes information when it is organised and presented meaningfully.


The  IT Scheme takes responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for this Directorate  , integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure, and installing, customizing, and maintaining those applications for the organization’s computer users. Examples of these responsibilities include the installation of networks; network administration and security; the design of web pages; the development of multimedia resources; the installation of communication components; the oversight of email systems; and the planning and management of the technology lifecycle by which an organization’s technology is maintained, upgraded, and replaced.


This scheme is also taking a major role in overall managing of the office’s high-end computers , softwares improvement of infrastructures and other  electronic devices/facilities like EPBX, internet, updation of office’s website , support and management of computer-based information systems etc.

























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